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April 2021


Walter J. Pories, MD, FACS, Colonel MC USA (RET.)

May 2021

Definition and History of Metabolic Surgery

Henry Buchwald, MD, PhD, FACS, HonFRCS

June 2021

After 10 years, is Metabolic Surgery Still Superior to Medical Treatment of Diabetes?

Geltrude Mingrone, M.D., Ph.D. Associate Professor Of Internal Medicine In The Faculty Of Medicine Of The Catholic University, Francesco Rubino, MD Professor Of Metabolic And Bariatric Surgery, Consultant Surgeon, King’s College Hospital

July 2021

Hot News! Metabolic Surgery Reduces Major Adverse Cardiovascular Events (MACE)

David E. Cummings, MD, FASMBS, Professor of Medicine, University of Washington

August 2021

Single Anastomosis Duodenal Switch (SADIS/OADS): Is it Ready for Prime-time?

August 5 - 10:00 AM EST (-4UTC) with Antonio Torres, MD, PhD



September 2021

How Can Metabolic Surgery Save Lives in the COVID 19 Era?

with Keynote Speaker, Ali Aminian, MD-September 2 -1:00 PM Eastern Time (-4 UTC)

October 2021

Semaglutide and Other New Agents for Obesity: Implications for Metabolic Surgery

Rachel Batterham, PhD,  Professor of Obesity, Diabetes and Endocrinology at University College of London, England

November 2021

“Does Weight Loss Explain All the Therapeutic Metabolic Benefits of Roux-en Y Gastric Bypass Surgery?”

Sam Klein, MD

December 2021

Can Metabolic Surgery Really Prevent Cancer?

Daniel Schauer, MD, MSc Associate Professor of Medicine, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, OH (USA)

January 2022

Treating Obesity as a Disease